Semalt Speaks About Essential Enterprise Marketing Trends For 2022

As we come to the end of 2021, we celebrate all we have accomplished thus far while preparing for a new year. In this article, we will be discussing important enterprise marketing trends you should consider in 2022. 

Through 2021, we noticed how enterprise SEO played a vital role in every type of business and industry, which caught our attention.

Enterprise SEO represents the most cost-effective way for people to discover products and services. SEO in the last year also changed, and we understand better its role in providing customer insights on behaviors and intent across all areas of an enterprise. 

Understanding Enterprise SEO for 2022

History has always been a good teacher. From it, we not only learn what has happened in the past, but we also learn what is likely to happen in the future. 

Enterprise SEO means managing SEO at a larger scale, usually for an organization that has a large website with a wide variety of products and services. Most of the large brands today with multiple departments and infrastructures are most likely practitioners of enterprise SEO. They spent resources developing the technology and implementing its core principles into their business to give them an edge over the competition, both big and small. 

A lot of checks and balances are involved in enterprise SEO, and it simply isn't possible for small-scale businesses. In Enterprise SEO, we must consider variables like stakeholders management, planning and strategy, and how every move we make must align with the corporate goals. 

In 2022, this process is bound to evolve and include the points we will be discussing throughout this post. 

In the coming year, we also expect to face some challenges with enterprise SEO, but they vary from organization to organization. However, there are some common challenges you should expect. In areas like executive buy-in, digital integration (showcasing impact), and internal collaboration, we expect to experience some friction. 

Nevertheless, these challenges are worth the reward, so with that in mind, let's discover new ways to reach even greater heights as we create, plan and execute your enterprise SEO strategies. 

Marketing trends you should utilize in 2022

Stay updated on search updates, best practices, and search engine algorithms

There is no sleep in the SEO universe. As professionals, we are always conscious of what new development there is in the industry. One of the biggest challenges facing SEO marketers is how to keep up with the rapidly changing dynamics. If you look at last week's news on Google updates, you'd have a sense of the uncertainty we face on a daily basis. 

In enterprise SEO, updates and algorithmic changes can save a business or ruin it. In enterprise SEO, these updates and changes could be:
  • Reactions, optimizations, or fixes to problems. 
  • Translating the business impact to the organization.
In 2021, we noticed a lot of changes in search. In the year of "accelerated search. " We saw significant updates like the Page Experience update and Core Web Vitals. These updates brought about the renaissance for more awareness around technical SEO. The reiteration of the importance of E-A-T principles also played a vital role in remodeling how we will be tackling enterprise SEO in the future. 

Finally, the introduction of Google's Multitask Unified Model (MUM) means that enterprise marketers must be aware of intent queries when developing content. Since MUM reduces the chances of search engine users finding poor content, if you are unable to know what your readers expect beforehand, you will find it difficult to rank. 

Content will play a vital role in the coming year, and you should focus not just on technical SEO but content SEO as well. While smaller companies will struggle to pull this off, bigger companies can have several SEO teams dedicated to each aspect of SEO which is a bonus. 

Increase in the use of automation

According to a PwC survey, about 52% of companies have accelerated their use of AI. For many SEO pros, AI is seen as a threat to their jobs, especially those who are specialized in multiple points solutions management. 

However, we believe there is a way AI can help you keep your job. Many leading brands and organizations are already using automation to track the changes in SEO but still keep professionals as an oversight. So AI isn't replacing but instead serving as a partner or an assistant. In 2022, automation will be essential for enterprise SEO. They will help companies economize their resources by taking care of routine and repetitive automation. This will free up time so SEO professionals can focus more on how to create more effective strategies and digital alignment. All of which are needed to run a successful enterprise SEO campaign. 

NB: you shouldn't spend all your time and resources on the algorithm. Instead, use your algorithm to predetermine, detect and fix only when appropriate. 

In 2022, here are some levels you should consider using AI:

Monitoring and detecting: 
  • Team reporting on traffic and rankings
  • Anomalies in SERP results 
  • SEO audit 
  • Links and backlink profiles
Manual SEO: 
  • Advanced keyword intent research 
  • Content optimization 
  • Gathering data 
  • Link sourcing 
Insight and automated action: 
  • Content and multiple sites audit especially with large websites
  • Analysis of large data packages in real-time
  • Complex decision making in real-time 
  • Fixing errors in the website or its linking

The Increasing Importance of Data as Business Intelligence

One way to know what your consumers are likely to search is by following the trends in their behavior and preferences. Likewise, you can learn a lot about which content or innovations to create by studying search. 

An understanding of this concept has paved the way for data research and analysis in the SEO universe. Gone are the days where we waited for google to say something before we knew its importance. 

According to Salesforce, over 50% of marketers agree that data and intelligence are some of the most important factors to utilize if you plan on improving your marketing performance. It is practically impossible to survive in today's market without data. Not just surface data but in-depth and granular bits of information on SERPs as a whole. 

Being able to collect and analyze data at scale gives marketers a wider variety of insights into their consumers. Data analysis can help you understand:
  • Trending topics and what your target audience finds most interesting 
  • The needs and frustrations of your audience
  • How urgently they need products or services 
  • Product preferences 
Understanding the wide variety of data available to us helps us pinpoint what matters to your business and consumers the most. You can study and stay updated on trends at every level (macro to the granular level). 

In 2022, enterprise marketers need to improve on how they gather, interpret and understand data. They should also be able to show stakeholders the value of data from business intelligence insights, so the organization enjoys its benefits. Examples of ways data can help improve a business include:
  • Improving brand awareness 
  • Building inbound and outbound lead generation campaigns 
  • Equipping content and digital teams with knowledge of user intent and SERP / content types
  • Work with PR teams to develop better-targeted approaches to converting targeted audiences into customers

Provision of Total Experience and Services

It is time we stopped thinking of enterprise SEO as just optimization. Enterprise SEO involves the management of experiences that include: 
  • Management of the workforce
  • Adoption and the use of tech 
  • Recruiting and retaining staff 
  • Internal and external account management 
  • Optimization of multiple digital experiences and assets
In 2022, we plan on diving deeper to focus on:
  • Creating smoother collaborations with IT and development 
  • Training and certification of SEO, digital and content across organizations 
  • Technology and platform training management


As we move into a new year, we turn over a new page. We can improve on what we've started. In terms of enterprise SEO, 2022 will be a great opportunity for businesses around the globe. 

We are bound to come across new opportunities as more search entry points will be created. With the use of enterprise-grade platforms, we will create holistic solutions to all your business needs. 

So as the new year approaches, remember to include enterprise SEO in your plans. 

If you need to learn more about the subject of SEO and website promotion, we invite you to visit our Semalt blog.